Frequently Asked Questions


How long is each class?
45 minutes / 1 hour each including a warm up, range of floor and apparatus activities and games.

Where does it take place?
See our location page.

What is the structure of the class?
See our classes page.

What should my child wear?
Gymnasts should wear shorts, tracksuits or leggings and a t-shirt. Children should not wear dresses, skirts or jewellery. Hair must be tied back neatly. Bare feet are recommended for all gymnasts however special gym shoes may also be worn.


How do I get the club leotard?
Gymnasts may purchase a club leotard, however this is not mandatory.
Blackrock leotard and Trim leotard is called Z100 Stellar in raspberry colour.
Navan leotard and Mount Anville leotard is called Z269 Roxy in raspberry, silver and black.
Mullingar leotard is called Z338 Icon in lilac.
Leotards can be purchased on www.the-zone.co.uk and prices have been reduced to the below:
Navan/MAPS club leotard: Z269 Roxy are €40 and hipster shorts (pink or black) Z2000 Roxy are €20.
Blackrock club leotard: Z100 Stellar are now €40 and hipster shorts Z2000 are €20.
Hoodies are now in stock and available directly from Ed Sports Shop in Dublin.
You can call Ed directly to place your order over the phone and he will post it out to you.
Telephone 01 667 7300  /  Mobile 087 227 1714  /  Email info@edsports.ie